How can I get only the digits from a string in MySQL?

I have a column in a MySQL table that contains strings with a mix of letters and digits. How can I extract only the digits from these strings and return them in a new column called ‘digits’?

For example, if the value is ‘abc123def456’, I want to retrieve only ‘123456’ in the ‘digits’ column.

To extract the digits from a string in MySQL, you can use a combination of the REGEXP operator and the ‘[0-9]’ pattern, which matches any single digit. Here is an example of how you can use this approach in a SELECT statement:

SELECT REGEXP_REPLACE(string_column, '[^0-9]', '') as digits
FROM table_name
WHERE condition;

This SELECT statement will return a new column called “digits” that contains only the digits from the original string in the “string_column”. The ‘[^0-9]’ pattern matches any character that is not a digit (the caret symbol ‘^’ negates the character class), and the REGEXP_REPLACE function replaces these non-digit characters with an empty string.

You can use this SELECT statement to retrieve the digits from all rows in the table or a WHERE clause to specify a particular condition to filter the rows.