How to check if Laravel scheduler is running?

I have a Laravel application running on my server. I have set up some scheduled tasks using the Laravel scheduler. But for some reason, the tasks are not running automatically. I also set up the cron in my cpanel. Now I am confused if I set up the cron correctly or if there is some issue at the application level. Is there a way to check if the Laravel scheduler is running correctly? So that I can be sure where the problem is. Can anyone tell me how I can verify that my scheduled tasks are being executed?

You can manually run the schedule command from the command line to check whether your tasks are running.

php artisan schedule:run

Or you can add the below code to log your scheduled activity and check the log file.
Paste the below code in your schedule Kernel class. It may be located in the ‘app/Console/Kernel.php’ file.

protected function schedule(Schedule $schedule)
    $schedule->call(function () {
        \Log::info('Schedule Running '. \Carbon\Carbon::now()); 

You can find the output in ‘storage/logs/laravel.log’ or other file in the same directory.