How to Fix Quotas in cPanel?

I have a Cpanel / WHM server. I created packages and Cpanel accounts for my clients. However, when my clients try to upload files, they receive an error message:

An error occurred. Your account may be over its quota or you attempted to upload a folder.

The cpanel accounts have sufficient disk space. Looks like the quota system is not working properly. What can I do to fix this issue?

There could be several reasons, why your Cpanel users are unable to upload files despite having enough space. Typically, the issue lies within the quota system, which might be configured incorrectly, experiencing file corruption, or not running properly. Here are some solutions you can implement to fix quotas in Cpanel and resolve user upload problems:

1. Verify Quota Configuration:

  • Make sure you properly configure the quota in your packages.
  • Carefully review the quota settings, and confirm that the quotas are associated with the correct file systems and users.
  • If you are using cloudlinux in your server, make sure you set INODES properly, if you didn’t set the value properly then you may get error.

2. Repair Quota Files:

  • Log in to SSH as the root user and run the following command: