Why does Laravel's old() not return any values after form submission?

I’m working on a registration form in Laravel and having trouble with the old() function. When a form is submitted and validation fails, I try to use old() to repopulate the form with the user’s previously submitted data. However, the old() function doesn’t work consistently.

<input type="text" name="name" class="form-control" value="{{ old('name') }}">

If the form fails validation, I expect the old('name') function to repopulate the name field with the previously submitted value. However, it’s not working consistently.

What could be causing this issue, and how can I fix it?

When using the validate method in Laravel, if the validation fails, Laravel automatically redirects the user back to the previous page with the validation errors and the old input. This means that the old() function should work correctly in this case.

However, if you are using custom validation and returning with an error, you must include the withInput() method to pass the old input data back to the view. Here’s an example:

return redirect()->back()->withErrors($error)->withInput();

This will return the user to the previous page with the old input data.